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The Life We Lead Is Created
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As a Man Thinketh So Is He

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Right thinking begins with the words we say to ourselves. We are the architects of our own lives and unwittingly create pain and suffering for ourselves due to the unconscious thoughts we focus on within.

Every thought you think creates that very reality for you. If you see yourself as lacking and poor then you will be lacking and poor. If your thinking is going after and gaining wealth then wealth is what you will obtain. It's simple to manifest in your life whatever you desire.

Visualize yourself as if you already ARE where you want to be or the state of well being you desire to be in. I mean get in your head and see it, feel it, hear it and taste it. What emotions does it bring up? Feel them!

What you think and do draws more of the same to you. Change your attitude and behavior to what you want drawn into your life.

Taking care of yourself and eating properly is the lifestyle of a healthy active person. Healthy active people think of themselves as healthy and active. Begin a healthier lifestyle. Remember, you are what you eat. So eat healthy foods.

Be that - Wealthy people think of themselves as wealthy and having it all. They are motivated to go after the big bucks and have a leisurely lifestyle. You will have it too if you keep focused on what you desire.

Do you think Donald Trump would be where he is without doing his mental homework? He has $ on his mind and that draws more $ into his life.

Take every negative thought and immediately change it into a positive one. There is good and beauty in all things. Just look for it, it's there I promise you.

What you see and what you think draws more of the same to you. If you're saying to yourself "that I'm never going to", then you never will. So see beauty in all things and watch what happens!

Act that - Pretend if you have to. Become the actor and act the part. Put on your best so you will feel the best. The world is your stage and you are the writer and director. What play have you produced? What play will you produce now? Will it be an Emmy winner?

Do that - For the healthy lifestyle start eating and exercising as you are able (no slacking or what you manifest is a whole lot of nothing). Do what you can and do a little extra when you are able in a day or two. Once you get the pendulum moving (you) it will continue to swing and so will you. See the 2 u's in the word pendulum? Yes, U have 2 do this 2 become that!

Want money? See yourself having it, spending it and falling out of your pockets. Don't expect to have it though if you're not willing to work for it. You can't become wealthy sitting on your butt! That is unless Grandma left you a fortune when she passed.

Be Grateful for what you do have. See yourself prosper and you will have it. Be open to receiving it and having it because if you don't really think you should have it or feel you're not worthy to receive it, what you do have shall also vanish.

Become - Surround yourself with beautiful things. You don't have to be rich to pick up a bouquet of flowers at the store to brighten up your surroundings. Hang a beautiful mirror or painting in your living space. Put candles on the table at dinner time. Dress for dinner!

Keep thinking and seeing yourself as obtaining whatever it is you wish and you will become and obtain that which you wish.

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The life we lead is created by our thoughts. If we would like to improve our life we will have to improve our thoughts.
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