Annual Congregation Meeting

The annual budget meeting was held in accordance with UCT Bylaws on Sunday, December 10, 2000. Ellen Marr, Board President, opened the meeting, followed with a prayer by Barry Vennard. The 2001 proposed budget of $260,200 was presented by Ron Fodor, Board Treasurer, and was unanimously approved by those present. Copies of the budget are available on the foyer table.
A brief report on the work of the Strategic Planning Team was presented by the Board. Included in the report are four major steps the church can take based on information from the congregation survey taken this fall. These steps are:
1. Have a plan for enhancing our spiritual nourishment and developing an even stronger sense of fellowship and community. (By implementing this plan it is likely the Church will continue to grow as it has done in the past 3 years; from an average Sunday attendance of 35 to over 100). 
2. Be ready to respond to that increase by having a growth contingency plan in place. The first step is to have a
Capitalization Fund ready to meet the financial needs of our church facilities.
3. Receive input and ideas from the congregation on specific ways to enhance our spiritual nourishment and create an ever more wonderful sense of fellowship. (Please submit suggestions by January 10).
4. The Board of Trustees, in collaboration with the Strategic Planning Team, will then develop the congregation's ideas into a strategy that will enable us to effectively respond to growth as it occurs. 
Barry gave a brief report on the Capitalization Fund. As stated in its name it would be used to improve, expand, and maintain our building so that it can effectively serve our growing and changing congregation. Barry, and Sonya McKay, Board Vice President, indicated different ways to contribute to UCT in ways other than cash that can have very real tax advantages to the giver. Contributing common stock, personal and real property, insurance policies, and creating trusts are some of the ways. Further information can be obtained from Sonya or by calling the church office.
As stipulated in the Bylaws of UCT, a vote of confidence for the minister was taken. The voting range on the
ballots was from (1) no confidence to (5) very high confidence. All the votes cast indicated either (4) high or  (5) very high confidence in our current minister. There were no low "confidence" votes cast (3 or below).   

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