What is Unity?


For over a century, Unity's prayer ministry, Silent Unity, has provided 24 - hour prayer support to everyone who writes or calls. They respond to more than a million requests each year. The Unity movement is widely recognized for two monthly publications, its daily devotional magazine called The Daily Word, and it character-building magazine for children Wee Wisdom, which is, unfortunately, no longer in publication.

Unity teaches that every person is a child of God, a creative being with limitless potentialities. Unity encourages the development of a quiet and open mind, emphasizing the importance of "listening" within, taking steps toward positive self-change and committing to a constructive, life-affirming way of life. If people are to grow spiritually, they must be willing to let go of destructive and negative attitudes and behaviours. Unity teaches that a perfect answer exists for every problem and need in our lives.

Unity teaches the principles that Jesus taught his students. These time-tested ways of living produce healthy mindedness, healthy bodies and lead to the experience of greater prosperity, inner peace and joy. Unity teaches practical methods of effectual prayer.

Unity began, in the 1880s after the lives of its founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, were totally transformed. They changed themselves and their lives changed. They told people about their experiences, at first in person, then in print. They based their methods on the ideas Jesus taught and regarded their approach as a new interpretation of his message. They didn't expect their work to blossom into a worldwide movement, but today there are over 1,000 Unity churches.

Unity is non-denominational. We welcome, in dignity and love, people of all religious, ethnic and racial origins; people of all social and economic background and economic levels.

Unity teaches that almost all human suffering is the result of ignorance and negativity. Such suffering in not only useless and unnecessary -- it's preventable. By changing consciousness (attitudes, beliefs, interpretations and expectations), we change; which in turn, changes our lives -- and of course, our future.

Unity says that our minds and hearts are our connecting links to God's Spirit, emphasizing that our thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions have a direct impact on our lives. Life is our consciousness.

Unity teaches that through a practical understanding and application of what Jesus taught, every person can realize and express his or her divine potential, and thereby enjoy a happier, fuller and more satisfying life.


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