Unity on the Web Talks on Truth

Welcome to the Unity on the Web Talks on Truth library. We are here to provide you with presentations by the some of the best Unity ministers and New Thought speakers in the world. Click on a name of one of the speakers below to see an archive of their talks. Each talk is presented as a Truespeech WAV (sound) file, or can be listened to by using the Real Audio player.

Listen to a short welcome by Brad Jensen (Wav / Real Audio) 40k

Check back often as we add new talks by our contributing ministers and teachers.

Special thanks to: Reverend Stretton Smith, for suggesting the idea. My dad, Al Jensen, for suggesting who to ask for material.  Reverend Larry Swartz, for answering my strange phone call and immediately saying 'YES!' Reverend Mary Ellen Swartz, for providing material. Reverend E.J. Niles, for being our next volunteer.

And especially, Morris Ryan, who is recording these tapes to Truespeech format and making them available for you.

Each of these talks has been placed in the public domain by the author. You can play them on your PC, and even make a cassette of them for your friends.

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