"Then I saw a New Heaven and a new Earth, for the first heaven and the first Earth had passed away.."

Revelation 21:1

Unity Church of Today

Omaha Nebraska

Unity Christ Church is a spiritual community dedicated to celebrating the presence of God in all creation. We honor people from all walks of life and seek to demonstrate the universal principles of love, wholeness, and prosperity as taught by our savior Jesus, the Christ 


Rev.Gerry Sickler
Rev Cindy Sickler 
Music Director
Reuline Nightingale
Unity Church of Today
3715 N. 104th Ave., N., 68134-3790
Off: 402-493-8009 Hours: W-F 9-5
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Sunday 10:30 am 
Sunday School
Class Schedule


Special Events

1. Father Justin's Presentation
2. Rocco Erico Presentation

Board Members

Phyllis Costell, President
Jean Marie Hugunin, Vice President
Johy Yurges, Secretary
Larry Wilson, Treasurer
Mary Fenlon, Corresponding Secretary
Greg Tripp, First Alternate

Charlotte Renze, Second Alternate

 Licensed Teachers
Linda Martella-Whitsett,
Worship Assistant to the Ministers
Shari Sterneberg,
Adminstrative Assistant to the Ministers
Youth Education

Dorothy Carrera


Adult Education Program

Listing of Classes

Special Church Based Intra-Net Tools:

These tools are in the process of being built. They will be used to enhance communications from the members of our community and our church members.

1. Room Event Calendars

2. Survey Forms
3. Staff Home Page Builder
4. Class Page Builder