Nora Barker Joseph

Nora Barker Joseph, Licensed Unity Teacher

Nora brings a life long study of Unity to her teachings at the Unity Center of Truth.  She was introduced to Unity as a little girl in her native country of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago through readings of the Daily Word at the Episcopal school she was attending. As she grew older, she attended a daily discussion group based on the dayís lesson, which was led by her schoolís principal. Thus when, in 1960, Rev. Dennis Robinson, Unity Minister, arrived in Trinidad to start a Unity Center, Nora became deeply involved in helping him introduce Unity to the people of Trinidad. She regularly attended Rev. Robinsonís services Sunday evenings at the Town Hall in Port-of-Spain and with his encouragement and support, led a meditation for a core group of people at her home every Wednesday evening. She also regularly attended Rev. Robinsonís Thursday evening worship and meditation and took turns leading a daily meditation and Daily Word reading at the Unity Bookstore. She was on the committee that helped bring James Dillet Freeman, Unity Poet Laureate, to the island to speak at the Naparima Bowl.

Through the Spiritual guidance of God, she challenged the tough immigration bureaucracy and, in 1967, successfully immigrated to the United States. As she says, "I arrived free, clear and whole through calling upon my spiritual principles."

Nora settled in New Haven, Connecticut and discovered that the closest Unity Church was in Brooklyn, New York. She traveled there by train to attend Sunday services. Later she traveled to Manhattan and continued her Unity studies under Rev. Eric Butterworth. Still later she joined the Unity Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut and served as a member of that churchís Board of Directors. In 1990 she attended the first Board of Directorsí retreat in Unity Village. Continuing to be led by Spirit and wanting to see the Unity movement expand in Connecticut, Nora became one of the founders of Unity Fellowship Church in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1992. She served on its Board of Trustees for six years. She became a Licensed Unity Teacher in 1997 after making several trips to Unity Village and Gaithersburg, Maryland to complete her formal study requirements.