LeRoy's Soul and Consience Tour
LeRoy will be appearing December 7, 2002 at 7:30 PM much to the delight of all. His music, vocals and style are world renown. Plus... he will be conducting his new workshop Sunday, December 8, 2002 at 1:30 PM
Over the past thirty eight years LeRoy has performed with Tina Turner, KISS, Tim Harden and Herbie Mann. LeRoy sings with a deep, rich father mountain voice, word of encoragement and power. He plays congas, udo drum, crystal singing bowls, council drums, and an array of percussion instruments that fill the stage. He dances, talks, and laughs with you as if everyone in the audience is in his living room. He bonks you in the head to remember who you are. Then he sings you into power. He calls his music E.U.N.A. (Ethnic Urban New Age)

"LeRoy performs beneath a flowing canopy that seems to breathe with his music. His combination of : songs, lights, theater, congas and midi samplers invites you not to listen to him, but to rejoice with him and to become part of the performance as you move and dance and are uplifted."~Chicago Sun Times

"Rarely have I seen a more energetic and inspired performer as LeRoy White. His performance was powerful and magnetic but simultaneously beautiful and sensitive."~Omega Institute

"...I am the best LeRoy there is. I say this with absolute power so that I can give you the best I've got."


The cost of the concert is $10.00 and the cost of the Workshop is also $10.00
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