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First Fridays

Our First Fall Program! So... What is it?

Our fall program is a seven week focus on the inner work of spiritual transformation. This is a time of letting go and moving into the powerful inner work of change. Each week we will focus our Sunday Service and our Spiritual Study Group on a sacred spiritual question, based on Wayne Muller's book, How, Then, Shall We Live? We will decorate our sanctuary, we will sing, we will affirm and sign weekly commitment cards. We will invite your participation and commitment for seven weeks in the Sunday service and the weekly study group.

When we choose to make a commitment, whether to ourselves, to another human being, or to our church, we step closer to our ultimate commitment: an alliance with God, our Source. Just imagine everyone in this ministry in an alliance directed by determination, purposefulness, decisiveness, and love... by the best in us!

Begin on Saturday evening, October 19, 2002, with a special 7:30 - 9:00 PM Burning Bowl Service. On Sunday, October 20, 2002, we will begin a series of seven talks that help us to go deeper into the questions of our theme...

How, Then, Shall We Live?