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Reverend Joseph Byrne

Reverend Joseph Byrne is the minister at Unity by the Sea Church in Corpus Christi, Texas and the minister at Unity Church in Rockport, Rockport, Texas. He has served in this capacity in Corpus Christi since September, 2001 and in Rockport since November, 2003. Reverend Joseph first entered the ministry in another denomination more than 30 years ago. Unity is a non-denominational organization founded in the 1800's. Unity is the publisher of the "Daily Word" and operates a 24 hour prayer ministry called Silent Unity. Unity serves people of all denominations all over the world. Unity considers itself to be trans-denominational.

Reverend Joseph's viewpoint is that each person is a sacred expression of the creator. Most individuals have forgotten that as spiritual beings we have infinite potentiality. Having forgotten who we are many have found themselves living frustrated and desperate lives. Reverend Joseph believes that getting in touch with our true self is the path that leads towards ultimate fulfillment. That path, he believes, is the path everyone is struggling to master regardless of their religious affiliation. At Unity we maintain a stimulating environment where we support one another in our discovery of who we are and who we have come here to be.

Reverend Joseph's Sunday lessons, weekly classes and his writing are based on the life-transforming teachings of Jesus. Reverend Joseph also uses ideas from other world religions that support the idea of our oneness with the All, such as Zen , the Tao, the Bhagavad Gita and others. Reverend Joseph focuses on empowering individuals to transform their life into all they were created to be. He believes ministry should be uplifting for one's spirit, challenging but not offensive to one's mind, and useful in helping individuals along 'their' spiritual life-path.

"There is nothing more powerful than to be in 'your' truth," and "There is only one path and everyone is on it," are a few of the types of sayings you will hear often in a Unity church. Reverend Joseph considers it to be vital to be a part of a supportive spiritual community in order to experience a whole life of health, fulfillment, peace and prosperity. Come and discover your higher potential with us.

Unity By The Sea Church, Unity Church of Corpus Christi Texas

Our Minister:
Rev. Joseph Byrne

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