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"A non-profit ministry dedicated to Soulful living in Spirit Consciousness"

         SpiritPassage is a New Thought ministry and non-profit corporation dedicated to the integration of Soul development and Soul expression in daily life.  SpiritPassage was conceived out of the desire to be of  service to others in providing a vehicle for literary and communication works, created through Spirit Consciousness, to reach others.

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Crop Circle Wisdom:
Simple Teachings from the CircleMakers

Denni Clarke presents us with the enigmatic, visually and emotionally stirring, panorama of beauty, strength, and enlightenment found to emanate from the Crop Circles through her breath-taking photographs and gifted insight as to the wisdom contained within.  
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    As the consciousness continues to rise on this planet, many will be attuning to increased vibrational frequencies and creative force. The  commitment of SpiritPassage is to the incorporation of Spirit  Consciousness as the driving force behind such creative efforts and manifestations, rather than to a benign expanded reality, or universal awareness, centered in life force only, absent of such Spirit and Soul discernment. In so doing, we firmly believe that our primary role is to serve as a vehicle or a "passageway" by which Spirit-based cosmic  transmissions, modern-day prophecies, and esoteric and metaphysical mystery school material, as well as other related body/mind/spirit communications, can reach the audience for which they are intended. 
      Through a mindfulness of watching and waiting for signs of Spirit to align the circumstances, timing, and people together for such a concept and company to be brought forward and become manifest in furthering Spirit Consciousness at the group level, SpiritPassage was born from the theory of "build it and they will come", in drawing together others of like consciousness for the Greater Good. It is through this promise that we are gathered. We invite you to learn more about this ministry and our publishing and communication efforts, and hope that Spirit will speak to you as we gather together as one, in Spirit and in Truth.  

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