From Chapter 6, "SOMETHING NEW IN NEW THOUGHT" of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality by C. Alan Anderson and Deborah G. Whitehouse, which blends insights from Whiteheadian process philosophy and from the New Thought movement.


A process understanding of reality has great implications in relation to healing. The cumulative nature of experience is vital to understanding healing, of any sort. The current past cannot be changed, but moment by moment the past grows larger. It is modified by the character of each new experience that becomes part of the past. To the extent that we make ourselves more rather than less like what God offers to us, we enrich the positive nature of the past. In this way, we reduce the contrast between the past and the initial aims offered by God in the future. This reduction of contrast is what we do in any treatment, whether by prayer, surgery, medicine, or whatever. The less the contrast between past and perfect, the easier it is for upcoming experiences to accept the perfect, and the perfect always is healing--whole-making--in some sense. This is why we can promote the healing of others by healing our own consciousness in recognizing them as perfect expressions of God. Conversely, negative thinking, contrary to God's offers, increases the contrast between past and perfect and makes acceptance of God's offers proportionately more difficult, although never impossible. . . .


Now it should be clear why the divine job description provides for God to start everything, to finish nothing, and to keep everything, while your job description calls for you to start nothing, to finish very quickly what God starts for you, and to realize that you can't keep anything for more than a moment.

Reconceptualizing New Thought in process terms includes the substitution of impartial for impersonal and constant for changeless in speaking of God, and abandoning Law in favor of the all-sufficiency of divine Love. We are left totally, thrillingly, dancingly dependent on the completely reliable, persistent, dynamic ultimate Love that offers only the best to everyone and everything. This Love forever cherishes the completed experiences from all visible and invisible dimensions of the universe. God inspires and lovingly preserves everything. Each freely choosing burst of life produces a unique perspective that forever enriches the always-growing God.

Below we have summed up the co-creative process (all creation is, and always has been, co-creation) of continuing, ever-new divine contracting or covenanting in a formula. . . .

Creativity Formula

Past + Divine Offer + Choice = Co-Creation

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